5 must-visit playgrounds in Dunedin

dinosaur playground is just one of 5 amazing playgrounds in Dunedin

If Dunedin is your hood, or you’re heading there for a holiday with the family, then check out some of the amazing playgrounds on offer. It’s a great place for the family to relax, have fun, run around and sap a bit of childhood energy. Even better, they’re free!

Marlow Park Playground

Location: 7 John Wilson Ocean Drive, Dunedin

Are your kids obsessed with dinosaurs, or maybe they just love animals? They are going to love Marlow Park Playground. The huge dinosaur, sea serpent, and whale that fill the park will have your jaws dropping. Whether it’s the dinosaur slide, the swings hanging from the sea serpent, or the mini road to ride bikes and scooters on, the kids will be entertained for hours. Other fun to be had on the playground includes, a see-saw, climbing frames, great grassed area for picnics, kicking a ball around, or flying a kite and forts.

Brighton Domain Playground

Location: 1047 Brighton Road, Dunedin

Brighton Domain playground in Dunedin

Brighton Domain Playground offers wide open spaces for the kids to run free, and enjoy their favourite backyard games. Perfect for your toddlers, this playground has a closed-in area for the littlies. Older kids can enjoy the equipment in the other areas of the playground, slides, swings, monkey bars, forts, and tunnels are there for heaps of fun to be had.

Corstorphine Park Playground

Location: 223 Hillhead Road, Dunedin


Have a little monkey on your hands? The super cool monkey bars at Corstorphine Park Playground are perfect to swing off some of their energy. This colourful playground offers swings, slides, tunnels, climbing walls, picnic tables, and grass areas to kick a ball around or fly a kite. Spongy flooring also means safe landings for everyone, and there’s child friendly graffiti and art on the back fence that your kids can get up close and personal with.

Bayfield Park Playground

Location: Andersons Bay Inlet, Dunedin

Bayfield park playground in dunedin

The stunning water view of Bayfield Park Playground will captivate the whole family. Ideal on warmer days the grass areas make for picturesque picnics. This modern playground is completed with the coolest equipment including the awesome rocktopus. The kids can find a load more fun on the, slides, climbing frames, tunnels, monkey bars, spiderweb net, see-saws, and swings. Soccer fields and nets can also make for the ultimate weekend family game.

Market Reserve Playground

Location: 650 Princes Street, Dunedin Central

Central Dunedin is home to the fun-filled market reserve playground. Plenty of shade makes it perfect for a picnic on the tables and escaping the sun on those warmer days. The kids can adventure on the swings, see-saws and jungle gym. The grass area is great for kicking a ball around, so don’t be surprised to see a few mums and dads down there on the weekends showing off.

See you at the park!

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