Bubble bath fun

baby in a bubble bath

Fill up the tub with bubble bath and play one of these fun games!

1. Bubble blowing

Use straws to blow bubbles around the tub and into the air, and see who can blow the bubbles the highest above the tub.

2. Glow bath

This is great for nighttime baths. Buy some inexpensive glow sticks and put them in the tub, then turn out the lights for a glowtastic experience.

3. Wild hair

Shampooed hair can be twisted and twirled into different fun shapes, and decorated with bubble “hair ornaments”. Don’t forget a handheld mirror so children can giggle at themselves!

4. Dress-ups

Bath bubbles make excellent jewellery, hats, beards, and even clothing for little people in the tub.

5. Coloured ice cubes

Freeze ice cubes with drops of food colouring in them. Drop them into the bath – they’ll dye the water and the bubbles as they melt.

6. Fishing

Using magnetic alphabet letters and a simple fishing rod crafted from a wooden dowel and a string with a magnet tied to the end, fish through the bubbles for magnetic letters and see what words you can make.

7. Crazy creatures

Use bubbles to sculpt interesting creatures from the deep.

8. Watercolour fun

Watercolours aren’t just for painting! Using a watercolour palette and paint brush, place dots of colour on different sections of bubbles, then swirl them around with your hands or paint brush.

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