30 fantastic holiday and weekend ideas

Just like you, we can’t believe how fast the school holidays have come around. To ensure you and your kids are well occupied, we have compiled a list of easy and fun family-friendly activities below. Here are 30 holiday and weekend ideas for whatever you’re looking to do, whether that be an adventure or something to do on a rainy day.


  • Bake a batch of themed cupcakes for a yummy holiday treat. Try our butterfly cupcake recipe here.
  • Whether it’s pepperoni or meat lovers’, creating homemade pizzas is a family-friendly lunch idea your kids will love.
  • Fruit kebabs are a healthy and easy snack your kids will enjoy creating. Add a marshmallow or two for a tasty treat.
  • Baking and decorating gingerbread cookies are another fun and uncomplicated holiday activity. A delicious recipe can be found here.
  • Teaching your kids how to make homemade lemonade is super-easy for the kids, and even more delicious for everyone to enjoy drinking!

Arts & Crafts

  • Ice-cube painting is ingenious, yet simple and what child doesn’t love playing with something frozen. Here’s what you’ll need.
  • Make your own play dough and you get to choose the colour and keep it all natural (and there’s a lot of fun in the making!). Check out our favourite tried-and-true recipe here.
  • Helping your young ones create their own puppet show with cardboard cutouts and added accessories makes for a very creative day. Plan a performance night and ask grandparents along.
  • In just four easy steps, you and your children can make a unique pebble family. Read more here.
  • Get your kids to write a poem and illustrate its meaning. This is a super-sweet way to personalise cards.

Outside at home

  • Treasure hunts are an exciting way to keep your kids active during the holiday season.
  • Whether your toddlers help with watering the plants or your older children plant their own flowers, gardening is an awesome holiday activity for all ages.
  • If you or a friend have a heated swimming pool, don’t let the weather slow you down! Grab your togs and organise a fun day in the pool with friends and family.
  • Get the kids to help wash your vehicles, or get them to clean their toy cars. It might get a little wet, but it’s a great way for the family to bond.
  • Nothing beats taking the dog for a walk around the block. Your pooch will love you for it!


  • We are so lucky that here in NZ, there’s a range of fun bushwalks practically at our doorsteps. Going on a tramp with the family is a great way to keep everyone active these holidays.
  • Visit a park you have never visited before and make a day out of it. Pair this with a picnic and you’ve got the perfect family day out-of-doors.
  • Catch a ferry to somewhere you haven’t visited before. You can always rely on new destinations to create unforgettable family moments.
  • Visit a fruit farm and pick your own berries.
  • Trampoline parks are a fun way for your family to exercise while having fun.

Inside at home

  • If the weather isn’t on your side, everyone loves a good movie. Check out our recommendations here.
  • Bring our all your board games out of the cupboard, because it’s time for some good-natured family competition!
  • Camping indoors is great fun for kids. Build a blanket fort, grab your pillows and sleeping bags, and prepare to enjoy your new indoor campground.
  • Produce a TV show. Grab the iPad or your smartphone and let your kids write, direct, and even edit their own show or movie. This will keep your kids occupied and is highly entertaining for everyone.
  • Have a dance party! Chuck your kids’ favourite music on and let them show you their best moves.

Local places to visit

  • If your kids love animals, nothing beats a day out at your local zoo or farm park.
  • With heaps of family-friendly activities available, especially in the holidays, museums are must-visits!
  • Libraries always have awesome kids’ sections and holiday programmes to keep your young ones entertained for hours.
  • Even if the sun’s not out, taking a walk along the beach and enjoying some quality fish and chips is always a fantastic time.
  • Mini golf is another fun and affordable way to get out of the house and keep your kids exercising throughout the holidays.
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