A fantastical world of treasure hunting for kids

Oh, how kids love treasure hunts. There seems to be no end to their excitement when in pursuit of hidden treats or messages. Luckily, we’ve found a few treasures of our own (of the app variety), that you can add to your bounty of tricks for getting the kids outdoors.

1. Curious Critters Club

The Curious Critters Club is an augmented reality game that allows children to capture and catalogue a host of undiscovered creatures. This will get the kids outside, searching for creatures in the trees, behind bushes and in the garden. Basically anywhere you choose to hide the curious code (that you print out). Then they can play on the website as well, where they can learn more about these critters and their habits.

curious critters

2. Magical Park

Magical Park turns a normal urban city park into a digital fantasy land. The kids can run around the park chasing virtual dinosaurs or walk through a fantasy land of fairies and kittens! All you need to do is download the app and you’ll be transported to a new world.

3. GeoCaching Treasure Hunt (pictured above)

There’s a hidden world waiting to be discovered and you can find it through Geocaching treasure hunt. All you need to do is sign up and then all the geocaches around you will appear. Find as many as you can, and log your details once you do. This treasure hunt is all over the world, so even if you’re on holiday, download the app and go exploring.

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