Hello, movie nights!

It’s time to stock up on popcorn and get your blankets out as we list the ultimate family movie guide you and your kids must watch. We’re recommending a range of well-known classics and recent films to suit all ages. It’s a great way to gets the kids thinking, while you enjoy family-time and some of the unexpected humour and plot twists within the films.

Inside Out (2015) • Rated: PG • 1hr 35mins

Inside Out has proven to be one of the most imaginative and authentic animations in recent years. This film follows the life of a young girl named Riley, a character who showcases the emotional processes children regularly face. Riley is guided by her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Anger – who provide moments of pure sweetness, conflict and laughter the whole family will enjoy. Check out the trailer here: youtube.com/watch?v=yRUAzGQ3nSY

Cheaper By the Dozen (2003) • Rated: PG • 1hr 38mins

Imagine trying to control 12 kids, or maybe don’t. Cheaper by the Dozen is a classic pro-family comedy that will leave both you and your kids sore from amusement. Despite the many problems parents Tom (Steve Martin) and Kate (Bonnie Hunter) encounter while raising 12 kids, the tone of this film never strays from the importance and value of family. It’s heartfelt, light-hearted, and hilarious which will ensure you and your kids will go to bed happy (and grateful)!

Cars (2006) • Rated: G • 1hr 57mins

Featuring a range of vibrant and unique characters, Cars will bring a smile to your and your kids’ faces, guaranteed! The story of Lightning McQueen is a rollercoaster ride, but one that highlights the significance of family, friends, and community. With a variety of jokes, both kids and adults will enjoy this one from start to finish!

 The Incredibles (2004) • Rated: PG • 1hr 55mins

The Incredibles are your typical family by day, but their superpowers make them a lot more than just that. This film will take you on an exciting, action-filled adventure with the famous family of five who is forced to stop the world from mass destruction. This movie features interesting characters, modern themes, and a humorous script. The Incredibles will leave your family on the edge of their seats and will even inspire your kids to practice their best superhero moves for Halloween. It’s a perfect time to give this classic a watch before the upcoming sequel is released in 2018.

Moana (2016) • Rated: PG • 1hr 47mins

This film will get the kids singing their hearts out while watching the positive, strong, and inspiring Moana voyage across the unpredictable Pacific Ocean with demi-god Maui. The messages in Moana are empowering, with female leadership, courage, and perseverance just some of the positive themes your kids will notice! For parents, the issues of climate change and the impact of global warming, particularly on indigenous cultures, is explored – things that can be discussed with your kids after the movie. Don’t worry, you can still sing along to the amazing soundtrack as well!

Eight Below (2006) • Rated: PG • 2hrs

Based in Antarctica, Eight Below tells the story of a dogsled group fighting for survival under relentless weather conditions. This film has some incredible messages, including the importance of loyalty, bravery, and sacrifice for the sake of the family. Despite this film having scenes that your kid(s) might think are sad, it has plenty of heartwarming and inspirational moments for the perfect night in.

Stuart Little (1999) • Rated PG • 1hr 24mins

Pet lovers, rejoice! This film follows the life of Stuart, a young mouse who is introduced into a loving human family. Stuart’s character emphasises the importance of being true to one’s self and loyal to one’s family. Emotional, action-packed, and extremely witty, watching Stuart Little is an easy way to enjoy some family bonding time.

Up (2009) • Rated: PG • 1hr 36mins 

After his wife passes away, a retired widower unexpectedly pursues his childhood dream with an eight-year-old wilderness explorer. Up will take the whole family on a heartwarming emotional journey, displaying scenes of grief, adventure, and joy. Throughout the film, lovable characters Dug the dog and 78-year old Carl provide some hilarious moments that will give more than one member of your household the giggles.

Shrek (2001) • Rated: PG • 1hr 30mins 

Shrek isn’t your typical fairytale, but that’s what makes it so good! This film encourages kids to be self-accepting and showcases the importance of friendship and teamwork. Shrek’s best-pal Donkey delivers some of the best one-liners of the film, which are guaranteed to make the whole family laugh. Shrek also has three sequels if you want to make a day of it!

Toy Story (1995) • Rated: G • 1hr 21mins

Clever, fast-paced, and captivating, Toy Story is the ideal family movie! This film incorporates elements of friendship, sibling rivalry, adventure, and loads of humour. Although the main characters may be toys, the clan are wonderful role models for children. Toy Story 2 and 3 are just as good, so get the family together for a day of excitement.

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