Kids’ parties! An epic cirque electriq amusement venue for kids

arcade games at Archie Brothers

We found a place to entertain the kids, where you get to play in the most beautiful cirque electriq environment. Every detail is delightfully vibrant and colourful at Archie Brothers, with an abundance of arcade game classics, thrill riding, dodgems, and bowling alleys. Roll up, roll up!

Imagine a truly magical place straight out of Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium– now you have a pretty good idea of what Archie Brothers is like! Enter through the ornate gates and let the fun begin. We were wowed by all the colourful lights, classic slot machines, dodgems, virtual reality games, and the XD theatre 3D thrill rider experience, where players are immersed in the game. This place truly has the wow factor for kids!

We started with 10-pin bowling to fire up the competitive spirit, and kept up our energy levels by slurping on mocktails and freakshakes full of the good stuff, like a mountains of vanilla cream, rocky road ice blocks, and even Kinder Surprise chocolates (seriously – we were working hard and needed the pep!). The bowling alley is impressive and has a great view of the whole cirque electriq going on around you. It’s a good place to hang when the kids decide to venture over to other amusements.

My favourite of the night was the XD theatre 3D thrill rider, where players are immersed as a character and compete with the other moviegoers to pop off all the scary clowns and zombies. To this day, I’m not sure how I ended up last on the score board after two teenagers and one man-teen, because I was seriously on target. My form was outstanding… Or so I thought!

You can order food and beverages wherever you are in the cirque, but if you head to Dazzler’s Diner, prepare for a creative menu. Don’t go past the Ferris Wheeler, with a spinning selection of share plates all served on a giant wheel, with multiple fried offerings in passenger cars. The burgers will delight the kids with their psychedelic green or red buns. All food tastes, from meat lovers to vegetarians to fussy eaters, will find something delicious served in little circus-themed boxes that can be carried around.

Everything in Archie Brothers is on theme – the cirque design, vibrant lights, arcade games, bowling alley, and all the staff, who are dressed in character, have a great energy. It truly feels like a movie set, with every detail just perfect.

Looking to have a party for the kids?

You’ll have a ringmaster assigned to your tribe to ensure they have a total blast around all the amusements. Food is all looked after, so you simply get to watch and take great photos (which, btw, all look amazing with the spectacular colour and lighting). With your creative beverage of choice in hand, welcome to the greatest place ever!

Will all age groups like it here?

Absolutely! We were there with teens, and there were kids of all ages racing around. At 8pm, all kids vacate and let the 18-plus groups roll in. And what young teen wouldn’t be just a little bit curious about a place where the older kids come to socialise after dark? The good news – you can stay if you’re with your parents.

What does it cost?

You can buy party packages or load a card and play whatever takes your fancy: Bowling, arcade games, dodgems, thrill rider, and virtual reality

Want to check it out?

Archie Brothers

Level 3, Newmarket Westfield

309 Broadway

Newmarket or phone 09 888 0526

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