Teach kids about being a tidy kiwi with Pick Up Quick!

Pick Up Quick! is the new game designed to tackle littering on Kiwi beaches and encourage players to become Citizen Scientists to combat the issue in real life.

Available to play in DREAMS™ for PlayStation®4, the game has two levels with beaches created to look just like the real-life coastlines, the aim of the game is to hunt for discarded litter, collecting as much as possible within 45 seconds.

Data from real litter clean-ups at the selected coastlines are used to inform each level of the game so players can compare the rubbish they collect with what was collected in real life, and kids can learn exactly how much litter is on New Zealand beaches.

Part of the growing ‘gaming for good’ trend, Pick Up Quick! hopes to encourage players to take action and pick up litter on New Zealand beaches and publish the data.

Pick Up Quick! is available to play for free in DREAMS™. DREAMS™ is available on PlayStation Store.

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