Wet and wild adventure

wet weather

If it’s raining or windy outside, don’t despair. This is the perfect opportunity to rug up and head out for a wet and wild adventure with your child. You’ll thank Mother Nature for providing the perfect conditions for a whole lot of fun!

Things you will need

  • Wet weather gear
  • An adventurous spirit


• When back home, a nice warm shower or bath is a lovely way to finish off your adventure

How to do it

Before going outside, look at the weather through the window with your child. Talk about what they need to keep their bodies warm and dry on your outside adventure. Put on the perfect clothing for the conditions – stay warm, dry and safe! When outside, let your child experience the rain and wind. Let them jump in puddles and feel the rain on their face. Talk about how the rain or wind feels or sounds and ask open ended questions that encourage curiosity and imagination, for example:

‘I wonder what noise our feet will make if we go through a puddle?’

‘Where do you think the rain/wind is coming from?’; ‘How does the wind feel when it touches your face?’

‘What happens when rain goes on your clothes?’

Makeup or sing a song with rain/thunder and wind in it, e.g. ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring’, or ‘Rain, rain ,go away’.

What learning is occurring

• Decision-making and independence – determining the right clothes to wear and putting them on.

• Sensory – exploring the natural elements• Early science concepts – weather.

• Language development – song, conversation and introduction of new words.

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