Movie Trivia 8

Movie trivia #10

Movie Trivia

  • A) In Sebastian’s song ‘Under the Sea’ in the movie The Little Mermaid, the seaweed is what?
  • B) In Peter Pan, what is Captain Hook’s first name?
  • C) Where are the McCallisters going on holiday in ‘Home Alone’?
  • D) Which female singer recorded the song ‘Skyfall’ for the new James Bond fim?
  • E) To escape the authorities in France, what do the main characters in ‘Madagascar 3’ pretend to be?
  • F) In ‘Kung Fu Panda’, what is the name of Po’s father?
  • G) In ‘A Bug’s Life’, what does Flik use to get across the canyon?

Answers: (A) Always greener. (B) James. (C) Paris. (D) Adele. (E) Circus animals. (F) Mr. Ping. (G) A dandelion.

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