Movie Trivia 7

Movie Trivia

A) In Ice Age 4, what is the name of the pirate gang leader?

B) Can you name 3 of the 5 heroes Batman teams up with in the cartoon ‘Batman the Brave and the Bold’?

C) What breed of dog is Teddy from Sticky TV?

D) What colour is the magic genie in Aladdin?

E) In ‘Matilda’, what kind of animal gets put in Miss Trunchbull’s water glass?

F) In the movie ‘Hairspray’, where does Tracy first meet Seaweed?

Answers: (A) Captain Gutt (B) Plastic Man, Red Tornado, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow and Aquaman (C) Half sheep dog, half poodle (D) Blue. (E) A newt (F) In detention

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