8 of the best fenced playgrounds in Auckland for little live wires!

Playgrounds are seriously fun, especially for little ones, but an adventurous wanderer in a busy area is a parent’s worst nightmare. Fenced playgrounds offer the best of both worlds for parents and kids; they can play freely and you can relax knowing there’s only so far they can run off to! Check out our list below of our 8 favourite fenced playgrounds in Auckland for little live wires!

Laketown Green Playground

Where? Jutland Road, Hauraki

Enclosedby beautiful white picket fences and perched on soft OSH-approved flooring, this playground offers the ultimate in safety for your little ones. Designed specially for toddlers, there is the inclusion of a sandpit, swings, slides and even a unique xylophone feature for your budding musician.

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Puhoi Cheese Café and Playground

Where? 275 Ahuroa Road, Puhoi

This playground offers the perfect balance of enjoying a bite to eat and outdoor play. It’s in perfect viewing sight from the Puhoi Cheese Café, where you can indulge in a treat from the cabinet whilst watching the kids have fun, or join them down on the grass for closer observation.

Potters Park (pictured above)

Where? corner of Balmoral & Dominion Road

This massive play area is the perfect destination for a family excursion. There is not only an impressive playground where the children can burn off steam, but a large splashpad they can enjoy on a hot summer’s day. Come along with a picnic and make this a family day out that the kids will be talking about for weeks.

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Madill’s Farm Reserve

Where? 6 Baddeley Ave, Kohimarama

This bright and fun playground features both bigger and smaller-sized fun, depending on the age of your little one. It’s ideal if you have an adventurous kid keen on biking, as the smooth concrete track around the outside of the play area is within the fenced area and even has Give Way signs painted on the road. The kids will be begging for a return visit.

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Roberta Reserve

Where? 20/22 Roberta Ave, Glendowie

This colourful playground has so much on offer and will meet the needs of your courageous kids no matter what age they are. Large grassy areas provide the perfect setting for an afternoon picnic or family game. The vibrancy of the playground will have your children’s imagination running wild.

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Sylvia Park Mall Playground

Where? 286 Mt Wellington Hwy

This handily-located playground offers welcome relief from a day’s shopping for your restless little ones. Located right outside Baby Factory, you can join in on the fun or take a breather on the seating at the edges.

Windsor Park Baptist Church playground

Where? 550 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay

This cute little playground is an absolute favourite with North shore mums, as it is fully fenced and right next to Cafe Windsor, a popular family friendly cafe.

Mairangi Bay Playground

Where? 2 Sidmouth Street, Mairangi Bay, North Shore

This playground offers not only an epic opportunity for climbing and swinging (including a very popular Roctopus swing and merry-go-round), but a large grassy area for picnics and energy-burning games as well. With a concrete pathway that is well-used by wobbly toddlers on ride-ons and older kids on balance bikes and scooters, this playground also has a playhouse on a hill, perfect for make-believe play. Designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12, there is also the beach a mere two minutes’ walk away.

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