4 reasons you NEED a coffee group

It takes a village to raise a child – and everyone knows the best part of the village is the local coffee hangout. And the genius who dreamed up a way to combine the two – child-raising and coffee – gave us the coffee group, that sanctuary of caffeine, sanity, and companionship for mums everywhere. If you don’t belong to a coffee group, here are four reasons you need to find one, stat.

It’s an excuse to get out of the house

New motherhood can be so isolating, and when you spend most of your time at home with only a baby to talk to, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck. A regularly scheduled coffee group is a great reason to venture beyond the endless laundry and lullabies, and give you both an achievable goal and a sense of accomplishment. You may not have got on top of the washing pile today, but you made it out of the house, and you both survived to tell the tale! And once you master your weekly pilgrimage to coffee group, you’ll learn how to juggle taking a baby mascot with you wherever you go – and soon, visits to the supermarket and road trips to Grandma’s won’t seem so daunting.

You don’t have to play hostess

Look, we know what those early days are like – the house is a mess, you’ve only got one clean shirt that fits, and don’t even mention baking a cake for guests. With coffee group, you just have to get yourself and your baby to the venue, and then order a coffee and a piece of cake made by someone else for a change – and you don’t have to do any dishes or tidying up before or afterward.

New parent friends are the best

Want to compare notes about your baby’s teething? Looking for reassurance that eventually, they WILL sleep through the night? Look no further than coffee group – it’s full of mums and dads going through the same experiences you are, who have good ideas for helping you to cope, and will remind you that you are doing an amazing job. And we guarantee that there will be at least one person there with less hair than your bald baby (even if it’s one of the dads).

It’s your new village

We said before that it takes a village to raise a child, but in our busy, modern world, extended families are far-flung, grandparents are busy with their own lives, and friends are working full-time and can only hang out when you need to be home putting the baby down to sleep at night. Coffee group lets you create your own village of like-minded friends who will be there for you and your baby. Mums who are members of coffee groups go on to have lifelong friendships with the other parents they met – and coffee group leads to play dates, dinner parties, babysitting offers, and eventually you may even get a date night out with your spouse because someone from your coffee group village is looking after your kids for the night!

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