Parents Review Weleda Skin Food

Parents Review Weleda Skin Food

We gave 10 parents the opportunity to trial three amazing Weleda Skin Food products, including top seller Skin Food (75ml), Body Butter (150ml), and Lip Balm (8ml). All from the award-winning, multi-use Weleda range to hydrate and heal your skin.

Even though finding time for yourself to nourish your skin seems near impossible while you’re in the midst of parenting young children, it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and giving yourself a few minutes to hydrate and heal your skin (your biggest organ) will provide both short and long-term benefits.

Naturally delicious Weleda Skin Food is loved by everyday people, celebrities and makeup artists world-wide. In fact, one Skin Food product is sold every five seconds.

And for good reason…

The Skin Food range answers your skin’s cravings for moisture, by ‘feeding’ it with nourishing ingredients like wild pansy, organic rosemary leaf, organic calendula, organic chamomile, organic sunflower seed oil, lanolin, beeswax* and organic shea butter.

It’s a powerhouse product that has many uses for you and your family, such as:

  • Nourishing dry skin
  • Relieving chapped lips
  • Smoothing rough areas around elbows and knees
  • Holding in moisture
  • Strengthening the skin’s lipid barrier
  • Soothing skin after sun exposure
  • Nourishing split ends on dry hair
  • Revitalising as a Facemask
  • Replaces makeup primer
  • Highlights cheekbones (popped on post-makeup for a shimmer)

Weleda Skin Food (75ml) Review

Parents Review Weleda Skin Food

» 100% said it was super hydrating

» 80% loved the texture/consistency

» 100% loved the fragrance

“This product rapidly changed my facial skin for the better on the inside and outside. One application in the morning provided my face with soft, supple and hydrated skin for the entire day. The change it made to my skin also made other people notice the dramatic change to my skin in a short amount of time. Comments such as “you look youthful,” “you look handsome,” and “ you have an amazing shine to your skin” boosted my self esteem, self image and self worth and made me feel confident in myself. Amazing product that I am now 100% committed to as part of my skincare regime.” ~ James

“My hands (like most) have taken a beating over the past 2 years with the constant hand washing, and my regular hand cream just wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore. I was pleasantly surprised to see results pretty much overnight in the texture of my skin. The thick, rich balm lasted for ages and smelt delicious. I have the Skin Food on my desk and find myself reaching for it more often during the day than I probably really need too – but it’s an affordable form of self-care so why not! This is the product I would absolutely buy again – I’m a little bit addicted to it!” ~ Sam

“As a Nurse I also wash my hands frequently, leaving them dry and tense. I used the skin food as a night time handcream, this worked wonders!” ~ Mariska

“After using Skin Food primarily as a night cream, I’m so happy with how soft my face feels for a change, and that my foundation stays smooth with no dry skin showing through” ~ Charlotte

Weleda Skin Food body butter (150ml) Review

Parents Review Weleda Skin Food

» 90% said it was super hydrating

» 90% loved the texture/consistency

» 100% loved the fragrance

“The body butter was great after a light towel dry post-shower, and really felt like it was locking in that moisture. It was creamy and a great texture – not too thin or thick. Loved the fragrance too and received compliments from my kids when I first started using it!” ~ Sam

In general, my skin is quite dry; showering after frequent exercise doesn’t help this. The skin food body butter was amazing for this, taking a couple of minutes to absorb but leaving a silk feeling on my skin. ~ Mariska

“I love the body butter. Fantastic for the legs, knees, elbows, arms etc.” ~ Kirsty

“The body butter was my favourite I generally have scaley legs due to how dry they are and since trying this product range my legs have been a lot smoother and less dry” ~ Kimberly

“Hands down the best product was the body butter!!!! Best quality is that it didn’t stay sticky on your skin like most body butters, meaning I could get dressed very quickly after application. It made my skin feel amazing!!!!” ~ Tessa

“Food Body Butter is great for all parts of the body, the aroma is lovely, not greasy at all and blends in well” ~ Jackie 

Weleda Skin Food lip balm (8ml) Review

Parents Review Weleda Skin Food

» 80% said it was super hydrating

» 90% loved the texture/consistency

» 100% loved the fragrance

“The lip balm was a super handy size for my handbag and felt more hygienic than sticking my pinky into my usual little pot of lip balm, particularly in these post-Covid times. The lip balm was nourishing and even soothed my lips after a particularly punishing bout of windburn after a Winters day outside in Auckland. I only needed to reapply after eating.” ~ Sam

“Skin food Lip Balm worked great on my cracked lips as they get very dry” ~ Jackie

Overall Thoughts

“I have been really struggling with dry skin since hitting menopause, these products have made such a difference. I love the thicknesses of the products on my clean face when heading to bed. It feels great on your hands too.” ~ Anna

“I had extremely dry skin and after using the products for just a week I have noticed a considerable change. I’m not as itchy. My skin doesn’t feel dry anymore […] Love the scent, nice and strong but not overpowering” ~ Kirsty

“Both Skin Food and Skin Food Body Butter have given my skin the boost it needed as we come into allergy season, and these products have stopped the extra dryness I often experience at this time of year – particularly around my face, hands and elbows. I have struggled to find other creams that pack the same punch without being medicated! The scent is soft enough to enjoy without any worry of it being overpowering. I typically avoid fragranced products due to allergies, but Skin Food maintains a great balance and it’s a lovely change having something with a light scent! Weleda have created a beautiful, all round product that I have happily incorporated into my daily routine.” ~ Charlotte

“These products were incredible, my skin has never been this hydrated during my whole pregnancy! I will continue to use this after pregnancy” ~ Jenna

Weleda has you and your whanau covered from top to toe – it’s a must-have product for your handbag, your travel pack, your beach bag, and your family’s first aid kit.

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