Last minute check list for the Uni Halls!

Here’s what a seasoned first-year Uni student recommends you don’t forget to take with you!

1. Puffer jacket

Pack or invest in a warm puffer (see Macpac Aurora Down coat pictured above). Light and small to carry, looks good over everything as well as snug and warm for inside and outside (the Halls).

2. Stuff for your bed

Consider getting doubles, even if you’re in a single bed. More often than not, second and third year houses have double beds, so it stops you buying twice.

3. Extra pillows

Getting additional pillows and blankets can give your bedroom a ‘homely’ feel. Some Halls don’t provide any pillows.

4. Shower caddy

Carry your shower essentials to and from the bathroom daily and hook over the shower when using. Easier than taking your toilet bag, and handy to use in the shower.

5. Towels

Apart from the obvious bath towel, take a hair towel, hand towel and face cloth.

6. Laundry bag

You’ll probably have to travel to a washroom, so you’ll need something that’s light and easy to store and carry. Also, consider a small washbag for your smalls, so you can easily wash and dry them in the bag, without worrying about disappearing socks (quite a common occurrence in the halls apparently).

7. Hangers

You’ll need at least six, as this is a good way to make use of the wardrobe space.

8. Nail clippers and tweezers

You can’t borrow your mum’s anymore!

9. Sewing kit

There will be no spare funds for replacing ripped or damaged clothing.

10. Mug

Your own mug for hot chocolates and coffee in your room, and a takeaway cup for on-the-go in the morning.

11. Extension cord and plug bank

Chances are you will only have one plug socket in your room and it will be on the other side of the room.

12. External hard drive

To back up all your assignments.

13. Clothes horse or drying rack

Some clothes are better air dried (although too much damp washing in your room makes for a damp and smelly atmosphere).

14. Weekend bag

For visiting home or a weekend away with your new Uni friends.

16. Hot water bottle or wheatbag

Good for cold weather, period pain, aches and pains.

16. Speakers

For drowning out everyone else.

17. Slides or jandals

If you’re sharing a bathroom, you’ll be wanting these.

18. Diffuser or room spray

University rooms usually aren’t well-ventilated and they smell terrible when you first arrive after 6-months of being closed up.

19. Removable wall hooks

These won’t leave a mark once you leave.

20. Earplugs

Especially if you’re a light sleeper, as halls can be a loud place.

21. Board games (like Bananagrams) and a pack of cards

Armed with these, you’re sure to break-the-ice and pave the way to make some life-long mates.

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