I LOVE my kids playing Fortnite, and here’s why

I’m probably a lone wolf here, but after months of huffing and puffing, spontaneously bursting into a rage and basically being in a constant hissy fit about the kids playing Fortnite, I had a change of heart. This could work in my favour!

I realised that this annoying addictive brainwasher of my kids, had five big benefits that I have become rather addicted to myself:

  1. I now have a very powerful bargaining chip – behave, and the wifi, monthly subscription and the odd ‘new skin’ is yours for the earning.
  2. They actually get their chores done. Fast. Dishes get done, beds made, mess picked up and soccer boots cleaned. OMG, my kids will climb mountains to make sure they don’t lose their time, or miss being online when their friends are all planning a game.
  3. The house is tidier! I’m not entirely convinced this is a good thing, really. But the lazy side of me is enjoying less arty chaos, no aftermath from the human tornadoes, and less kitchen bench mess from continual snacking. Without guilt, I’m enjoying the light relief. I’m choosing not to think about the long-term bad stuff and the opportunities lost from being in front of the screen so much.
  4. They’re having  quite a lot of fun with their friends without requiring cheese toasties en-masse and long taxi rides (unfortunately my kids chose to make friends with kids on the other side of the city). I’m hearing plenty of  giggling, chatting and friendly banter. What an easy way to catch up with your whole group – I’m considering it myself.
  5. The quiet is beyond epic. With two boys, we are normally a hot house of loud deep voices, testosterone, back chat, and plenty of push and shove. I’m constantly moderating behaviour to prevent mass anarchy. But when the boys are on Fortnite, this place becomes a library. Beautiful. Peaceful.  Retreat-like.

Hey, when you have an unhappy sour lemon. Make sweet lemonade!

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