Step Up – Seize the Day!

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Opportunities are more often taken than they are given.

Even though it seems like some people get all the lucky breaks in life, the truth is that each of us are given opportunities to step up and ‘seize the day’.

The problem with too many people is that they are ‘asleep at the switch’. Their eyes are closed and they’re not prepared for the opportunities that come along. They’re waiting to be noticed, and hoping their dreams will be handed to them on a platter. But I have bad news – things very rarely happen the easy way. You may not achieve every opportunity you go for, but without stepping up you won’t achieve any opportunities at all. The door of opportunity is marked PUSH!

People who seem to get lucky breaks are usually already in motion – they have momentum and are ready to step up to take advantage of what’s on offer. Stepping up means going out of your comfort zone and often into an area that is unknown and scary. We need to be bold, but also humble. Opportunities come to people who say, ‘I may not be able to do that as well as you would like, but I’m hungry to learn.’

Stepping up means you’ll be able to do what you have to when you get there – trusting in your ability to rise to the occasion. Go for a job that you think is beyond you. Prepare the best you can for the interview, then trust yourself on the day.

‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.’ – Martin Luther King Jr.

Opportunities are attracted to people who have a great attitude and a willingness to work. This attitude is usually reflected in having great people skills, good manners and the ability to showcase and communicate their own best assets. If you don’t think you have anything to offer, why should anyone give you an opportunity?

‘Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.’ – Thomas Edison.

When you do a good job taking care of the not so exciting tasks, you’ll be given better, more exciting things to do. You can’t expect a glamorous role before you do your time in the trenches. ‘Come early and stay late’ was the mantra for doing well in the corporate world when I was starting out. I started 10 minutes early every morning so I was always on time.

The door of opportunity is marked PUSH!

If you’re struggling to find a job, then volunteer – offer yourself to a company to do a ‘test drive’. The idea is to work for no income for a set period of time in order to be given the chance to prove yourself. I can almost guarantee that if you work your backside off, and go above what’s being asked, you’ll be offered a paid position, or at least be put in contact with someone else who might employ you.

In summary, opportunities are given to those with a great attitude + excellent work ethic + good people skills!

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