An imagination playground set in an artisan food market!

Boric Food Market, 1404 Coatesville Riverhead Highway, Kumeu, Auckland

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If you dream of buying your fruit and veges from a source close to home (and with no nasties), and love the idea of letting your kids’ imaginations run wild in a handcrafted playground featuring tractors, little grocery stations, water pump levers, and old-fashioned tills for serving pretend customers, not to mention charming wobbly bridges and apple trees ripe for the picking, then we’ve found your new foodie go-to.

Boric Food Market is a little haven for parents, tucked away in orchard country in Kumeu, Auckland, combining an artisan food market with a café and kids’ playground. The good-quality coffee and Kohu Road kids’ cones ($3) are a massive draw card for mums and dads entertaining littlies (particularly good if you’re looking for a legendary drive/food/awesome-playground circuit). We suggest you start by shopping for your fruit and veg (very fresh, as this is the pinnacle of the market) and then head through to browse the artisan and organic products on offer. There’s a fishmonger, meat section, and deli counter full of fresh and aged cheese. We spent time (rather too long, probably) testing the freshly cracked parmesan and locally made fresh goat’s cheese – but how can anyone resist that, seriously! I’ve been wondering when our kids became mini turophiles (when the fancy cheese platter comes out at night!).

The kids will zone in on the counter food, which includes savoury and sweet, gluten and dairy-free, and has most meals covered. There’s a whole section dedicated to raw food, and the locals are addicted to the chocolate avo tart (I speak from experience). If you have babies, you can buy their  Little Angels and Only Organic baby food pouches to have there or take away.

Your kids will want to spend more than a few passing moments in the playground, so make up a platter of delicious treats and fresh produce and enjoy the outdoor area. The resident chooks will keep you company (pretty cute little fluffy chicks running around in the season), but do remember, they will share in your platter given half the chance, invite or not!

Food highlights for us included the Keep It Green smoothie, French cheeses, a truly impressive local apple selection (free apples for the kids to nibble on), coriander bowls, the kids’ gift selection, and fresh tuna.

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