Autex Greenstuf
Autex Industries Limited 702-718 Rosebank Road Avondale Auckland

Need to know

Autex is proud to introduce our high-performance range of 100% polyester thermal and acoustic insulation products, designed for the residential and commercial buildings.

Our ‘friendly fibre’ GreenStuf® insulation products are the first choice for some of NZ’s leading building industry professionals.

GreenStuf insulation is used around the world to create buildings that are warm, dry, quiet, healthy and energy-efficient, and with enhanced ‘green’ building credentials

Autex’s GreenStuf® thermal and acoustic home insulation products are made from durable, safe and friendly polyester.

Highly resistant to fire and moisture damage, the GreenStuf insulation range is designed to keep your home warm, dry, quiet, healthy and energy-efficient for a lifetime.

Whether you’re building, renovating or insulating an existing home, we have a solution right for you.
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