Energy efficient underfloor heating

Hydronic (water) Underfloor heating is fast becoming the norm for home builders. Heat pump water heaters are […]

Energy Efficient Hot Water Heat Pumps

  If you’re like most pool owners, you’ll be looking for efficiency, reliability and a good service […]

Ozone Swim

Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems are unique as they are the only product on the market that combine the […]

Groovy Things

“Groovy Things” is the newest and latest extension to the growing family business of Paulas Furniture and […]

Baby First Ltd

Baby First Ltd is an importer, manufacturer and distributer of hundreds of quality baby products. We specialise […]

Shake Safe Ltd

When our next big earthquake happens, how safe will you be? Shake Safe supplies earthquake damage restraint […]

Eco Shopping NZ

We retail and wholesale sustainable and eco-friendly laundry products for the Kiwi household. We want to revolutionise […]


Sleepyhead is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and our commitment to making every component of our […]


Autex is proud to introduce our high-performance range of 100% polyester thermal and acoustic insulation products, designed […]

Family Furniture

Modern Quality Furniture built locally. Custom made to suit your design, you can personalise beds or chest […]


Resene has all the quality paint, colour, wallpaper, decorating accessories, curtains and professionals advice to help you […]

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