BLIS Technologies Limited

10 Birch Street, Dunedin

Need to know

Blis Technologies are the developers of the world’s first advanced oral probiotics.

BLIS K12™ supports ear, nose and throat health,  and BLIS M18™ promotes great dental health.


The Blis portfolio protects the entire family from bad bugs:

DailyDefence – a daily advanced probiotic containing BLIS K12™ to support throat immunity

DailyDefence Junior – a daily powder formulation of BLIS K12™ to support ear, nose and throat health of infants and small children;

ThroatGuard PRO – a high dose of BLIS K12™ to give boosted immunity support to help protect against winter ills

TravelProtect – a higher dose formulation of BLIS K12™ with a specialised regimen to help support the immune system when travelling;

ToothGuard and ToothGuard Junior – our advanced probiotic with BLIS M18™ for the health of teeth and gums helping to prevent cavities in children and gum disease in adults.


BLIS probiotics are available from pharmacies and at
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