Curious Critters Club

curious critters

Need to know

Curious Critters Club is a new augmented reality experience that brings weird and wonderful creatures to life in Kiwi kids’ homes and neighbourhoods.

Created by storytellers in New Zealand and in Canada, the free transmedia series consists of two interactive stories, a website and an augmented reality game which allows children to capture and catalogue a host of undiscovered and cryptid creatures.

The Curious Critters Club is a nature group of kids who spend time after school and on the weekends discovering new critters. The transmedia series means children will be able to follow the characters through the interactive stories and they can also participate in the club themselves by capturing and cataloguing creatures via the augmented reality game.

The Curious Critters Club website is an online hub where children can learn and discover more about the creatures and their habits.

Visit the official Curious Critters Club website

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