Energy Efficient Hot Water Heat Pumps

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If you’re like most pool owners, you’ll be looking for efficiency, reliability and a good service back-up when it comes to heating.

Once your pool’s in the ground (or maybe it’s still a dream in planning?), then sorting out your pool heating system is project number two. To save you a few years of annoying breakdowns, or a heating system that doesn’t work when you need it to (remember that there’s not a lot of warm sun around in April and October to utilise if you’re thinking solar), consider these pointers in your master plan.

Look for a heating system that:

  • Is efficient and doesn’t cost a fortune to heat the pool.
  • Is backed up with a reliable, cost-effective, and timely service team (that you can access directly, not only through the pool installer).
  • Fits the budget.

One of the biggest players in the New Zealand market is water-heating specialists Hot Water Heat Pumps. With over 30 years of experience, this Kiwi-owned company is internationally recognized for its innovation, quality, technology, and reliability. Even better, Hot Water Heat Pumps produces a wide range of heat pump water heaters to suit a variety of applications and budgets. This will be music to your ears once you get to this stage of the project.

In simple terms, a heat pump is like a fridge working in reverse, using “free heat” extracted from the ambient air and then efficiently transferring it to the water. The electrical input does not generate heat but instead moves the free heat to the water. Heat pumps are incredibly energy-efficient compared to other forms of heating.

Because Heat Pumps are using renewable energy (air), they are more environmentally friendly to run than gas burners and can lower CO² emissions by up to 70%.

New Zealand has its own unique climate, and Hot Water Heat Pumps have been specifically designed for our conditions, and continue to perform efficiently in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 45°C. Be aware that other heating systems may have been designed with the Northern Hemisphere or Asian climates in mind.

For more details about heating for your pool or spa, underfloor, or domestic hot water, contact Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd on 0800 33 66 33.
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