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Hydronic (water) Underfloor heating is fast becoming the norm for home builders. Heat pump water heaters are the most energy efficient form of heating water and so are commonly used to heat the water in underfloor systems.

Some other forms of heating, create draughts, dusty particles or release toxic gas fumes. The heat provided from an underfloor system genteelly rises around you providing an even temperature from floor to ceiling – it’s an extremely comfortable experience. Other than the initial investment to install such a system; with a heat pump it is by far the cheapest system to run and maintain an entire house.

Hydronic underfloor heating hides the heat source from sight so there are no obstacles to furniture or picture placement and without any internal noise it is hard to know it is there at all. Discreet controls can be installed that allow you to adjust different areas of the home to suit.

Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd has been engineering and manufacturing heat pump water heaters in New Zealand since 1980 and dedicated underfloor models for more than 10 years with the highest standards for energy efficiency.  Unlike some imported brands our heat pumps are designed for New Zealand climates

With an infrastructure of hundreds of dealers and service agents around New Zealand as well as support for the life of your product, you can rest assured they have the best ongoing support available.

If you are thinking about heating for your underfloor or domestic hot water, pool or spa then get in touch with Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.
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