Magical Park – where fantasy meets urban city park!

Waitangi Park and Anderson Park in Wellington

Need to know


Magical Park turns a normal urban city park into a digital fantasy land. The kids can run around the park chasing virtual dinosaurs or walk through a fantasy land of fairies and kittens!  It has geo-fenced boundaries so the app stops working beyond the edge of the park, so it’s completely safe.  Wellington City Council Magical Parks are  Waitangi Park and Anderson Park (in the Botanic Gardens next to the Lady Norwood Rose Gardens).

Great free entertainment outside for the kids – just download the app when you get to the park and enter another land!

Mobile outdoor gaming is getting kids off the couch. How does it work?

“Geo” stands for Geolocation or Geospatial. It represents the use of real-world locations via GPS coordinates. Geo AR Games uses Geolocation to determine the location of the player and using this information, renders a corresponding Augmented World around them.

  • 3D content is placed in an outdoor environment via GPS
  • We add behaviour TRIGGERS to the 3D content
  • We add reasons to RACE & CHASE
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