Proactive Martial Arts

Head Office / Riccarton Branch 244 Annex Road, Middleton, Riccarton, Christchurch

Need to know

Proactive Martial Arts has four locations in Christchurch – Riccarton, Papanui, Cashmere and Templeton.

All classes cater for beginners and are taught in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Classes are split into the following ages groups, ensuring that your child receives the best possible instruction relevant for their age:  4 – 7 years / 8 – 11 years / 12 – 15 years / Adults 16 years +.

All classes are separated into groups for beginners, intermediate and advanced to ensure your child learns skills and techniques suitable to their ability level.  We have plenty of helpful instructors and assistants available to guide your child through their martial arts journey with us.  Classes cover self-defence, fitness, technique, team work, confidence and leadership. Children advance through their belt ranks for motivation and goal setting.

We are offering 2 free lessons and would love to see you at one of our locations, please refer to our website for class times location details.

We are open right throughout the year apart from Public Holidays and for a short period over Christmas and New Year.
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