The Court Theatre

Need to know

Hidden in Christchurch’s suburb of Addington is New Zealand’s largest theatre. Tucked away in its post-earthquake refuge – an old grain shed, which was transformed into a lifeboat of a theatre for this company – is a magical world of happiness, laughter, drama and intrigue.

Inside the walls of the old grain shed is a diverse and dynamic company of 60 permanent staff plus hundreds of artists and artisans who produce 19 productions each year. These productions see over 150,000 ticket buyers enter The Court to feast on the varied offering of theatrical works, all created and produced on-site.

The Court has matched the ever-diversifying Christchurch population and creates and supports work for children, families and adults, for the Tangata Whenua and for Christchurch’s growing Pasifika communities. The Court creates, and helps create, work for all the people of Ōtautahi.

The Court Theatre is your theatre. Whoever you are.
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