How to create a stunning shared bedroom for boys

Isobel Benesch created this delightful shared bedroom for her sons.

I always envisioned my sons sharing a room ? and, thankfully, so do they! There’s something so special about the intimate bond that is created from sharing a bedroom, reading to one another before bedtime, whispering secrets in the dark, and waking up together to start the day. The memories that are made from these moments in their shared room will last a lifetime, and I hope they’ll look back on it fondly when they are older.

With four adventurous boys ranging in age from two to eight, I wanted to design a space that worked for all of them and would grow with them over time. To make sure the room would stay with them as they got older, I decided to contact a skylights dealer and get a quote regarding a skylight being installed. I thought that having a bright, open space with great ventilation (too high for them to climb out of) was the best option for the boys. As they get older, the skylight will still be a stylish, modern feature to the bedroom, and while they are young it’s a safe and bright choice so they can play freely. The natural light that floods in from the skylight also made it easier to choose what lighting I’d need in the room. This way, I was able to go for more dimmed and warm tones. After contacting a local electrician, I was able to change the existing light switches for dimmers and to change the positioning of the fittings, so they weren’t hidden by the natural light. In terms of the walls, using painter’s tape, I created mountain shapes on the wall, and then used three different shades of green to create the mountain mural.

The vast mountain mural painted along the wall lends itself perfectly to the way the beds are lined up dormitory-style.

I splurged on pieces that will last through the years as my children grow, like these beautiful sheet sets and the reversible duvets from Bedtonic, which allows me to change out the colours in the room without purchasing entirely new bedding. Save on items that you can change out in different seasons to freshen up the look on a budget, like the throw blankets and pillows.

Isobel’s buys: Throw pillows, table lamps, and Living & Co Grid Throw RRP$15 from The Warehouse ” Mid-Century Night Stands RRPUS$299 from West Elm ” King Single Sonata Bed in Black RRP$249 from Mocka ” Pure Linen Flax Duvet Cover Set in Oxford Blue + Pindan RRPAU$230 and Pure Flax Linen Sheet Set in Fog RRPAU$235, both from Bedtonic ” Little Explorer’s Play Rug RRP? 95 from Lakaluk

Isobel’s Advice: higher-quality painter’s tape was really worth the extra money, as it didn’t pull off the paint when peeling the tape off of the wall after painting

Isobel used Resene Spacecoat low sheen in ?Black White’ for the walls and ceiling to help the mural pop.

Resene top tips for family friendly redecorating

1. The higher the sheen, the easier to clean ? opt for Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen on interior walls and Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss on trims.

2. If your house is busy with pets and kids, choose a darker neutral for your walls, such as Resene Half Truffle, to help hide the wear and tear.

3. Dark timber deck too hot to stand on in summer? Next time try Resene CoolColour wood stains to keep the heat down.

4. Let your children help with the decorating. Give them some Resene testpots that co-ordinate with your colour palette and let them create coloured artworks and paint terracotta pots to match. If you can nurture their love of DIY early on, you’ll have helpers to help with the real painting when they are adults.

Isobel used Resene Rainee, Resene Spanish Green and Resene Forest Green to create the mural in her sons room.

5. Can’t find the light switch? Turn your wall into a handy switch with Resene SmartTouch. Simply double tap the wall to turn the lights on and off. Worried about the installation? Why not contact companies like S.E. Electrical Services ( ?

6. White and black floors are hard to keep clean. Opt for an easy-on-the- eye grey or mid-tone colour, such as Resene Stack, for something a little more forgiving.

7. Reduce the risk of slipping on stairs with Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path anti-slip finish.

8. Use your wall space for writing handy notes with Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint. Simply apply over your Resene paint finish to turn the wall into a coloured whiteboard.

9. Children scared of the dark? Apply Resene FX Nightlight for a glow-in- the-dark effect they can see as they nod off.

10. Wrap your brush or roller in clear cling wrap or place in a plastic bag when you’re taking breaks ? it will keep the paint fresh and save you washing up.

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