Lego storage savers

We asked our Facebook community, if your kids have lots of Lego, how do you store it? Here’s what they came up with.

1. By far the most popular response was to lay out a sheet or mat for the kids to play on, then gather up all the corners (with the Lego inside) and put the bundle in a tub, tip the Lego into a tub, or leave the bundle as is. For the latter option, check out the Play and Go Toy Storage bag . Such a clever little trick: all you need is a bed sheet when the kids want to make a mess!                                   

2. Another favourite was to purchase plastic containers. The Warehouse has plastic drawers galore for all your storing needs, plus the explosion of toys kids seem to create. Some parents even took it one step further and colour coordinated the Lego in these plastic containers (our inner OCD is having a field day on this one).                                                                                                    

3. If you’ve got a real Lego enthusiast on your hands, then a good idea is to store all the bigger (and more expensive) sets together along with their instructions. This handy strategy means that kids can delve into these in the holidays without having to sort through a a treasure trove of pieces desperately trying to source one tiny little connecting piece. This is probably not necessary on every little set, but great on the bigger and 3 (or 2) in 1 sets.                                                                                

4. Everybody loves Kmart, and one parent has given us another reason to. Getting the table with the removable lid enables quick storage so you can hide away all that Lego. But wait there’s more – if you stick the Lego mat on the top, the table has a beautiful scene so the creations don’t have to be destroyed (a.k.a. non tantrum).

5. Our last solution brings to the table all that kiwi ingenuity needed in parenting. One parent has created giant Lego blocks to store all those bits and bobs in. This way, you can create a fun project with the kids, and paint them in colours that suit their room. If DIY isn’t your thing, you can always buy big Lego storage boxes from Toyco. Another epic (and easy) DIY is to paint jars yellow, sharpie a lego face on it and BAM – lego storage jar (see image at top). But if your kids have a few too many mini figures for little jars, how about making a simple set of drawers out of base plates, to stand your little army.                                                                                                                                                                  

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