Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Any Vehicle

Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Any Vehicle | Tots to Teens

We are so used to driving a car that sometimes it’s easy to forget about our feet…and other ways to reduce tour carbon emissions.

Walking is a great way to get from A to B, and while it may take a little longer it’ll do good things for your body and mind – as well as the planet! Drivers are exposed to traffic fumes as much as pedestrians: fewer cars on less congested roads helps everyone. Of course, using our vehicles is still going to be the option we likely choose most – particularly with multiple kids in tow! And you don’t have to have an EV (Electric Vehicle) to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Sustainable Living NZ suggests the following:

  • Remove roof racks and boxes except when in use. This cuts air resistance.
  • Keep cruising speed closer to 90km/hr than 100, as it saves fuel.
  • Remove excess weight from the boot, apart from emergency tools, a first-aid kit and spare tyre and jack.
  • Keep tyres correctly inflated.
  • Avoid revving the engine when still. It’s an air polluter.
  • Walk for short trips when there’s not much to carry. Short trips maximise wear on the engine.

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