How to ‘give back’ without affecting your bank account (or your time)

How to "give back' without affecting your bank account (or your time)

It genuinely feels good to give back to worthy organisations or your community, and by doing so role modelling the importance of giving and caring to your kids. But with a rapid increase in living costs and demands on our time, it feels like a stretch for many.

You know that feeling… someone stops you in the street and gently asks for a donation for The Cancer Society. You politely decline, explaining that you have no spare change. Perhaps you have thought about volunteering to give back but – between work, family and life – can never find the time.

Most of us consider ourselves generous and would love to instil the same values in our children, knowing role modelling is the most effective way to teach this. However, this can be difficult when you are trying to save money.

What if we told you that there is a way to do both?!

Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to support deserving charities while not stressing about the bank balance? Wouldn’t it be even better to be able to save money at the same time, and even enjoy a family holiday or two?

A group of parents have found an excellent way to maintain this balance of generosity while maintaining their bank account and saving money. Effectively, they have become part of a kiwi collective that does exactly that – helps save money for members and gives back to those in need.

As a member of Manchester Unity, you pay a small amount per year (just $96) and become part of a community with access to special discounts on day-to-day items (offered because you are part of a big collective of people), and where fundraising is done throughout the year and then donated to various charities on behalf of all Manchester Unity members. You have the option of being actively involved if you are interested at any point, but it’s not expected.

Member discounts are available at big retailers including JB HiFi, Repco, Dulux and more. There are $9 movies tickets and access to book affordable holiday homes in some of New Zealand’s top locations for as little as $37 a night. With such easy ways to save money, your membership fee is quickly recovered back.

Here’s how members are able to givE back to our Kiwi community

Supporting the environment one tree at a time

Members care deeply about the planet and are enthusiastic to support our environment by participating in an organisation that gives back to nature. One tree is planted for each member when they join to help clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing and create jobs for social impact. Helping reforestation, one tree at a time, helps rebuild forests after fires and floods, and works towards New Zealand’s, and UN’s sustainability goals. It’s great to be a part of this.

Supporting charities important to Kiwis

Members choose a charity to focus their efforts into, and every 2 years, a substantial donation is made

2022: Epilepsy New Zealand

In 2022, Manchester Unity are dedicated to fundraising for Epilepsy New Zealand. One in 100 people live with epilepsy, and one in 10 will have a seizure in their lifetime. Epilepsy New Zealand are here to support people living with epilepsy and their family/whanau. So far, they have raised $3,000… and there’s more to come!

2021: Motor Neurone Disease

In 2021, Manchester Unity handed over a cheque for over $10,000 dollars to Motor Neurone Disease on behalf of all their members.

“As someone who lives with MND, I simply cannot thank you enough.  This is a massive donation for us, and makes a real difference…” Greg Horton, CEO MND New Zealand

“Our deepest thanks to Manchester Unity for your generous donation.  Fundraising in the not-for-profit sector is challenging and we appreciate the amount of effort over two years for us.  

2018: The Cancer Society of New Zealand

The Cancer Society of New Zealand was chosen by member-leaders and received nearly $3,000 on behalf of Manchester Unity members.

It’s super easy to give back, and it’s totaly worth it!

For only a couple of dollars a week, you get amazing benefits and discounts, while being part of a community supporting admirable kiwi charities and our environment. With our busy lives, and the increasing cost of living, it’s so nice to be able to support people in need and feel like a contributor through your membership.

You can receive a free 30-day trial here:

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