A Nocturnal Nuisance

Have you had abnormally disruptive nights in your household this month? Is it something to do with the change of season? The moon? The temperature? The America’s Cup win?…

I’m perplexed. My little humans have become nocturnal creatures. And it’s no fun for anyone.

Most nights, Georgia (6) and Lennox (1) are great little sleepers (hashtag blessed). But March has been a real mental challenge for the hubby and me. Bedtime routines have not been plain sailing, and the toddler has woken at random night-time hours inconsolable, for no reason that I can fathom. 

It takes me back to the newborn stage; going through the checklist of what can be causing the upset (teething, temperature, night terrors, nappy…) as well as looking into the development stages of each of their ages.

Like every parent, I’m still learning along the way. And I’ve been swiftly reminded that just when you think you’ve found your calm, things get complicated again. 

I hope my children’s current phases are nothing that’ll last longterm, and perhaps tonight will be a peaceful one. Thinking big-picture though, I’m happy to navigate a few restless nights comforting the littlies at home, because in 15 or so years they’ll probably still be giving me sleepless nights – but it’ll be due to them staying out all hours with their mates!



Editor, Tots to Teens

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