Who does the emotional labour in your house?

These are the tasks that keep relationships, families, and organisations functioning, according to a recent article in the Herald. Stuff like remembering birthdays and allergies, being the parent on call for sick kids, and making sure the school uniforms are laundered.

 All of these “little things” are unpaid and largely unnoticed, and they are also generally women’s work. And when your family expands, it tends to be Mum who takes on the burden of keeping up with immunisation schedules, signing permission slips, sorting gifts for everyone on both sides of the family, making holiday plans… The list goes on.

 If cooking dinner is considered to be physical labour, the “emotional labour” side of this task involves having a mental inventory of the pantry and fridge, making the shopping list, and remembering that your daughter’s friend is coming to dinner on Thursday and she doesn’t like broccoli.

 So whose job is “emotional labour” in your house?

Have a great week.
Katherine Granich



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