Help! My Toddler is a Magician

Baby-proofing the house is one thing, but oh my, when toddler-time begins it’s a whole new level of sophistication and awareness, right?!

My 18-month-old son is definitely more energetic and investigative than his older sister was at the same age. We’ve affectionately named him ‘Tornado’, because the little lad can whirl around the house and within seconds calm becomes utter chaos.

We’ve had the baby gates in certain doorways and the cupboard security latches on since he started moving about, but that’s no match for the Houdini he’s become this month. I’m exhausted just trying to keep him safe and being proactive about what his next ‘trick’ could be.

He’s discovered how to climb up onto the sofa and to access then open a window, and then try to climb outside! And somehow, he performs this magic during the one-minute when I take my eyes off him. The other day I went into his room to wake him from his midday nap and found him straddled over the cot side-bar – he was definitely on track for a successful escape.

As I type this letter, ‘Tornado’ is pacing our living room, rolling down all the window blinds (cool, I love to sit in pure darkness on a sunny morning) and finishing the act by standing on the low-style coffee table – his ‘stage’. I can’t blame him at this particular moment though because he simply just wants my attention, which he’ll get as soon as I think of a way to round up my point here…

The toddler age and stage is, of course, fun! Their personalities are becoming more apparent, and their recognition of objects and language is exciting. They’re on the move, have more confidence, and naturally want to explore and discover the big world they’ve realised surrounds them. Oh, the smarts!

But they have absolutely no idea nor awareness of safety, which scares the crap out of me. I just need to equip myself with an extra pair of eyes, coffee on tap, and more sleep (daylight savings last weekend did help with that, I guess!), because I’m not sure how long this pop-up Magic Show will run for.

Pamela McIntosh
Editor, Tots To Teens

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