Mama, you’re amazing!

Mama, I salute you! Seriously. Not just this Sunday (Mother’s Day, in case life got in the way to notice…) but every single day. It’s important that any moment we get, to remind ourselves that we’re doing a great job – even though, for us all, there’s times when we feel like we’re not “enough”. Whatever that means. 

The mental load of Motherhood is hard. Damn hard. And it’s easy to want to escape to a tropical island and remember a time when we didn’t have little (or not so little) people to be responsible for. But one day – when they’re all grown up and living life as independents – we’ll look back on these moments of busy-times and messy-homes and remember how much of an honour it is to be such a key part of a person’s upbringing.

My mum was staying with us this past week. She popped up to Auckland from Palmy to give me a helping hand with a busy work phase as well as the school holidays and a toddler. We snuck in a few special outings, but for the most part she kept the household ticking along like a magical mum-fairy. I am so thankful to be able to have her support and it’s true what they say – you never completely understand what your own mum did for you (or appreciate them completely) until you become a mum yourself.

Tonight, I asked my six-year-old daughter what makes me a good mummy. “You’re a good mummy because you are warm and cuddly to snuggle with in the morning, if I come into your bed. And I love it when we draw, read and play together,” was her reply.

It’s simple isn’t it. In our children’s eyes, we’re “enough” if we simply are in the moment with them. And I suspect we feel the same when we think about precious memories with our own mothers.

While a handmade card and a hot coffee will suffice, I’m sure any mum or mum-to-be would appreciate these gift ideas:

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