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arcade games, food and freak shakes
climbing Rangitoto and the summit of Rangitoto

We’re over the School Holiday Hump, team! Just a few more days to entertain the kids before normal programming resumes. 

Thanks to Covid-19 (I told myself I’d have a hiatus from this topic…), parents New Zealand-wide are pro’s at entertaining the kids at home. My little ones (6 years- and 18-months- old) and I have found some time around my work hours to bake new treats, plant a few pot plants, found all kinds of insects, and perfected fort-building – and, yes, watched a few movies. I almost forget, sometimes, that we’re lucky enough to actually be able to leave the house.

Rest assured we have had some fresh air – venturing out to local beaches, parks and visited friends and family, and had a couple of fun excursions (see below).

Did you get away over the holidays: whether that be a short roadie, a week out of town, or *gasp* a quick jaunt to see our bubble mates – Australia? Be sure to drop your travel hints and tips in our Travel NZ With Kids Facebook page.

If you’re near Auckland, here’s a few things my family and I have enjoyed this week and highly recommend:

  • Visit Rangitoto Volcano via a fun 30-minute ride on a Fullers 360 vessel!
    Once at Rangitoto Island, explore the Summit Track, its amazing views, Lava Caves and Shipwrecks. Fullers currently have a $99 special for two adults and two children return. 

  • Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq
    Clown around in the arcade and enjoy virtual reality rides, dodgems, ten-pin bowling – and lots of food and drink for all ages.

arcade games, food and freak shakes

Pamela McIntosh
Editor, Tots To Teens

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