The Back-To-School Countdown

How are you doing? I’ve got some great news. There’s only two- and a-bit weeks left of keeping the kids entertained while trying to not break the bank. We’re on the home stretch, team! 

Today, I’ve had five children in my care – my toddler, my 5-year-old daughter, and THREE of her school friends. Call me crazy, but there is a very selfish method to my madness.

Y’ see, the school parents and I are pretty good at sharing the play-date load and having each other’s kids over to free up some time for work (and our sanity). So the way I see it, having multiple kids at ours on the same day is pretty doable if it gives me three days in the play-date bank. Genius!

We whipped out the board games, played in the paddling pool, under the sprinkler (thank goodness water restrictions have eased), with water balloons, made DIY masks, and they had a bit of down-time watching the new movie Soul on Disney Plus.

My hat goes off to you if you’re a parent of many children. It’s tough work with no respite. And I am in awe of childcare and school teachers, you really are heroes.

We have a ton of ideas for keeping kids busy for the next few weeks – and anytime for that matter – at Be sure to check it out.

Editor, Tots to Teens

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