The Knives Are Out!

If you’re fancy enough to get your groceries from New World each week, chances are you’ve been able to collect a couple of SMEG knives along the way.

Remember the community swapsies and wholesome fun that we got into during the Countdown Super-Insects kids’ campaign? (One of the best, in my opinion!). Well, the super-successful SMEG promotion also succeeded in another level: getting actual fully-grown adults to act like children.

The now rare-as-shark’s-teeth SMEG knife blocks (which could be purchased “while stock lasts” for just $50 with 40 of the promotional stickers) fast became a sore point with many punters – with some taking their tantrums to the Commerce Commision and community Facebook pages, complaining about not being able to get their hands on one to show off on their countertop, or pardon me rather, keep their knives safe.

The knives truly came out, should we say.

A fresh year needn’t start with us squabbling like kids, if you did miss out on your beloved Block* and – even if you are a New World shopper – you were going to have to part with a fifty anyway, so why not get something that 50,000** other people don’t have?!

Here’s my picks of sleek knife houses for around $50. You’re welcome.

Icon Chef Bamboo Knife Block, $59, from Onceit.

Capital Kitchen Magnetic Knife Rack, $45, from Stevens

Ikea Jamfora Knife Block, $40, from Urban Sales


Editor, Tots To Teens

*If the SMEG block is the only one you want, why not spend a small fortune bidding for one on TradeMe. 

**The amount of SMEG Knife Blocks that New World ordered for this campaign.

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