There’s No Place Like Home

Due to some flooring repairs being done at our place, we’ve called a hotel home for the past 12 days. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice change of scenery (particularly after that last Auckland lockdown); it’s got impressive views, Miss Six has had approximately 237 swims in the heated pool and – arguably the best part – we haven’t vacuumed or put out the rubbish once in nearly two weeks! We’re away from home, but it’s no holiday; just school, work and parenting as usual.

But no matter where you are, there’s really no place like home, is there? Particularly when it’s toddler-proofed, baby gated and has more than one window. Master One – who has made a running track of the foyer, screams every time we enter the lift and can (scarily) reach the stove-top element knob – really needs to get back to safe and familiar surroundings. And I’m more than ready to return to a dedicated space for nappy changing, and a family-sized washing machine and fridge. Oh, if only my 20-year-old self could hear what excites me now! 

I caught up with friends this weekend who recently returned to New Zealand with their two year old, and did their isolation stint in Rotorua with just one room for the three of them and one hour of exercise a day; and my colleague’s sister recently survived MIQ with a baby! I salute the Kiwi families coming home and experiencing managed isolation. I have no doubt that a fortnight spent in the same four walls without any physical contact or freedom – particularly while trying to nurse a newborn or entertain a toddler (or heaven forbid, a teen!) – would be extremely challenging.

My hotel experience is indeed no comparison, which makes me think I better take the 5-minute walk to the beach just one more time (and appreciate the moment) before this temporary experience is over and we’re back to our home comforts.



Editor, Tots to Teens

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