Third Time's a Charm!

No, I’m not talking about a third child… I have two and I’m definitely finished in the fertility department…

I’m talking lockdown.

As Covid-19 snuck back into the community for the third time over the weekend, instead of preparing for school and the working week, most of us were giving ourselves a refresher course in the rules of Lockdown Levels 3 (Auckland) and 2 (Rest of New Zealand).Monday approached and so did the bad weather, making it extremely hard to get out of the house for even a little fresh air without getting sufficiently soaked. At my place, Miss Five has fine-tuned her fort-building skills and has been in tears because her ballet lessons have been cancelled, and Master One’s new favourite toy, a wooden hammer, has been seen flying around the lounge in all kinds of directions. Even the cat’s confused as to what’s going on!I’ve definitely given up on keeping the place tidy – the upside is that at least no one will be coming around to visit while the place resembles a war zone. There’s been no time to whip up the banana bread, and our loo paper is down to two rolls. But we know that there’s no need to panic buy (wine and chocolate on the other hand…) because hopefully this little lockdown won’t last too long. Third time lucky?! I hope you’re all doing ok, whatever changes you’ve had to adapt to this week.

Take care, Pamela

Editor, Tots to Teens

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