What’s the 2024 Tooth Fairy rate?

Earlier this week, I gave my daughter’s wiggly bottom-front baby tooth a gentle ‘helping hand’ in the removal process. It was hanging by a thread and annoying us both something silly. 

Before the extraction, she weighed up her options. “We could just leave it, Mummy, but then it’d annoy me, and I might end up losing it at the beach tomorrow instead – or, if you can pull it out now then I can put it on my bedside table tonight and have some money from the Tooth Fairy in the morning.” 

I’m glad that, at 5 years old, she’s already got a handle on thinking about the pros and cons of a situation. 

“Speaking of the Tooth Fairy”, I said. “Have any of your friends lost their teeth and have been visited by her?”.

“Yeah!”, she said matter-of-factly. “Did you know that my friend Lucy from school got $50 when the Fairy visited her?”

I nearly spat out my cup of tea. And we had a little chat about the fact that that same (clearly loaded) Fairy might not be visiting our place. 

When I was a tot, I recall that – just for the first few teeth and it was forgotten about thereafter – a 20c or 50c was the going rate. Enough for me to (ironically) pop down to the local dairy and grab a bag of mixed sweets or a lollipop. But we’re 30-or-so years on from then, and I sure as heck hope the Tooth Fairy doesn’t consider inflation. 

Brave Georgie opened wide and in a second I plucked the dangling tooth from her little mouth. She didn’t feel a thing and proceeded to jump around the house excitedly once she realised the loose tooth was free.

Once she was asleep, I printed out a little ‘receipt’ from the Tooth Fairy (#parenthack, free printable below), which included the date, and a tick-box for tooth quality, and a little reminder to brush regularly. I decided on a $2 reward, because it was the second tooth to come out. (I’d say we’ll stop this game at the fifth tooth!).

She bounced into school today with her ‘news’ about another baby tooth gone. Hopefully there’s currency on the curriculum this year – because it turns out Lucy’s $50 windfall from the Tooth Fairy was actually 50c!

Tooth Fairy receipt printable here

Pamela – Editor, Tots to Teens

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