Back to school: 5 tips for our kids to thrive

The New Year brings a sense of freshness, a clean slate, and a chance to reset our routines. Setting up some healthy routines for our kids means they can dive into school with energy and enthusiasm. Here are our top tips to help our kids thrive at school:

1. Sleep routines

As the first day of school approaches, getting the kids back to normal bedtime routines is vital. Encourage them to wind down with a book before bed and if your children are still young then having a bedtime story is a lovely time for connection as well.
Sleep is so important for growing bodies and brains; school aged children (6-13 years) need between nine and eleven hours of sleep a night, so getting them to bed at a reasonable hour helps with the morning routine too.
If you’re finding that a good wind-down routine and an early bedtime simply aren’t doing the trick, maybe some extra support is required. Magnesium is a good support for growth spurts as well as helping the nervous system to wind down, so maybe give Good Health Magnesium Kids a go, with added vitamin C, D, and zinc for better absorption.

2. Brainy breakfast options

Set up our kids for a day of learning through healthy wholefood breakfast options is a must. Developing brains need lots of nutrients for optimal function, in particular omega fatty acids as well as fat-soluble vitamins from animal fats to assist memory and learning ability. Eggs are a fantastic way to start the day for the whole family; they are rich in iron, vitamins A, B12, B2 and B5, and phosphorus, selenium. Plus, choline which is a very important brain nutrient.
Try scrambled eggs, vegetable frittata, omelette, mini-quiches, bacon & egg pie, even a whisked egg stirred through porridge is a great way to add protein to the kids start to the day.

3. All-day energy

Kids should have energy to burn, as long as they are getting a good night sleep and eating a variety of vegetables, fruit and quality proteins at the start of the day.
Some great ways of getting nutritious foods into kids include getting them to help with the grocery shopping, prepping of meals or making their own lunchbox.
Hiding organ meats like liver into Bolognese is a great way to boost their nutrients like iron and copper. Iron is necessary to make haemoglobin which transports oxygen around the body in red blood cells, it’s an essential nutrient for energy and brain function.

4. Beat the bugs

Back to school means more exposure to bugs, and while this is essential to develop their immune systems you want to make sure they don’t continually get sick, that’s no fun for anybody!
Getting some sun-smart vitamin D sun exposure is important for our immune system, as is eating a diet rich in antioxidants from brightly coloured fruit and veges that also support their gut health.
But for added immune system support you can turn to Good Health’s Viralex Kids, a yummy berry flavoured chew that contains Wellmune ®, vitamin C and zinc. Wellmune ® is a natural yeast beta glucan derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that supports overall health and wellness by supporting the body’s immune system. This can be taken year-round and has no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or sweeteners.

5. Soothe the moods

Settling back into school can be a bit nerve-wracking for some kids, new teacher, new class and for some a new school. Supporting your children’s emotional needs is vital for a smooth transition into the school year.
Lots of encouragement, setting up schedules and routines can also be comforting.
Try doing 3-4 deep belly breathes to calm any nerves before school and it’s a tool they can take with them everywhere and use any time they feel anxious.

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