Why Natureday’s A2+ Probiotic is a Winning Wellbeing Milk for Your Family

There’s no denying that Kiwis are lovers of milk, with each of us consuming roughly 6,178 litres of milk in our lifetime! Milk is not only a convenient ingredient for cereals, baking, or to enjoy on its own, but it also offers a great foundation for nutrition – providing calcium for bone health and protein for muscle growth. But like most dairy food, milk and its makeup varies from brand to brand. And those looking for additional wellbeing benefits may have already come across A2 milk.

What is A2 Milk

A little farm chat; some cows produce milk that has two proteins – that’s A1 and A2 protein – whereas others produce only A2 protein. What’s the difference? A2 protein is closer to human breast milk, making it easier to be broken down and absorbed into the body; relieving digestive discomfort and less likely than A1 milk to cause inflammation and constipation.

KiwiCross cows are descendants of the noble Jersey and Holstein-Friesian breed and are 100 percent verified A2 cows, making them the most premium cattle in Aotearoa. That’s why they are the cows used in the production of the new NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Milk Powder.

Benefits of A2 Milk | Tots to Teens

Why Busy Families Can Benefit from NATUREDAY’s new Milk Powder

  1. It provides the calcium hit your toddler needs to grow big and strong
  2. It’s beneficial for pregnant women and their developing babies
  3. It’s the ideal side-kick for time-poor parents
  4. It’s an immunity-booster and bone protector for the grandparents

NATUREDAY’s “dairy plus” formula is milk but with more wellbeing benefits;  because it combines A2 milk with gut health optimisers in the form of  two patented probiotic strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium HN019) that provide digestion benefits as well as natural immunity.

“Stress and poor dietary habits due to a busy lifestyle has resulted in many of us experiencing digestive health issues such as abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, bloating, constipation,” says research scientist, Dr Vijaya Rajendram. “Replenishing our gut health is crucial to ensure our digestive system functions well and for us and our children to experience a healthy life.”

“Milk is one of the most important nutrient sources for families and NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Milk Powder is the ideal solution for restoring microbiota and gut health, as well as supporting you with protein, calcium and vitamins. It’s the ideal product for people and families who are too busy to look after themselves. It relieves digestive discomfort and symptoms of lactose intolerance.”

What’s in a glass of milk?

Remember, not all milk gives you the same benefits, but each glass of NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotic Milk gives you and your family:

  • 8.4g protein (the equivalent to 1.4 eggs, 50g meat or 420g of spinach)
  • 72% of adult daily calcium requirements (to strengthen bones and teeth and to prevent bone loss)
  • Higher levels of natural vitamins E and C to enhance immunity
  • 1.7 billion probiotic units
Benefits of A2 Milk | Tots to Teens

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