8 Popular Children’s Party Themes!

Making parties magical is Larmesa Lees’ dream job. We asked her what party themes are hot right now.

Organising and executing children’s parties can steal hours, if not days, of parents’ time – and if you love that kind of thing, then awesome…

But the idea of outsourcing birthday party entertainment is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it keep the children happy and in awe of their “special guest”, it means that parents and family members who are also present at the party can relax, take photos and catch up.  It’s a total win-win.

Yes, children’s party ‘performers’ do require additional investment, however there’s no denying that, if you can afford it, it’ll save you time, the cost of games and prizes, and your sanity. 

So what are the most popular party themes of the moment?

Kids forever love the classics, and these are most asked after themes says Larmesa Lees, founder of an Enchanted Party!

1. Fairies

Dancing, potions, garden treasures and toad stools

2. Princesses

Who doesn’t love Else,  Anna, Moana , Tiana, and other favourites Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Cinderella. But also, think of Buttercup and Leia. 

3. Mermaids

Ariel, tropical fish, shells, jewellery of the sea, blue ocean and coral.

4. Superheroes 

Spiderman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman, the list goes on

5. Pirates

A hook for a hand and a parrot on the shoulder are always a fun addition to a kids birthday party

She also mentions that a few other themes have been “gaining serious momentum too”

6. Science

7. Slime

8. Magic Parties

Larmesa has qualifications in early childhood development as well as experience in performing arts. Her experience enables her to provide a rich roster of outstanding talent that goes into creating that magical day for tamariki – a multisensory mix of entertainment, inspiration and education that brings magical moments to childhood.

Raised in Titirangi, Auckland, her world was steeped in nature. “I grew up enjoying tales of Māori mythology along with early memories of perusing my grandparent’s library – a veritable treasure trove of enchanting books, art and keepsakes. These childhood memories are what inspired me to start An Enchanted Party in 1999.”

As we all know too well, Covid canceled many celebrations, but now party entertainers like Larmesa are “rushed off our feet” because after two quiet years it seems Kiwi whanau are ready to celebrate and make wonderful family memories.

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