How to plan a birthday party

Planning a birthday party – large or small – often takes more time and logistics than you think. We asked three experts for their organisational tips to ensure the fun doesn’t get frantic.

No on knows parties like those in the business. So we asked some party experts to share their tips for a fun event. Renee O’Sullivan from Littlies Party Hire, offers fun decor like chairs, tables, drink dispensers, decorations as well as themed packages to hire or buy. 

Have a theme. A clear theme makes it easier to plan because you’ve got a vision (animal, character, colour) and it’ll make everything easier to pull together.

Book early: If you’re planning to hire entertainment, a venue, furniture… get in early to avoid missing out.

Less is more: If you’re decorating, choose one area to make a big impact, rather than lots of bitsy decorations scattered around a room.

Make it achievable. Kids’ parties often only last two hours, so there’s not a lot of time.

Delegate. Ask your friends and family to help!

Birthday girl Georgia sets up the chairs and tables, hired from Littles Party Hire.

Jordan Isgrove is the director of Rainbow Kids Parties, who provide characters to entertain at parties as well as themed experiences such as “craft”, “pamper” or “sports”. When Jordan founded her business, she wanted to focus on inclusivity. That’s why all the entertainers at Rainbow Kids Parties are specifically trained in learning how to involve every child, no matter their needs, when hosting a party.

Have a rainy day backup: No one wants to cancel a party because of rain, so always have an indoor option should the weather not play ball.

Always prepare for extra guests: You may find that siblings of party guests will want to join in as well – and how can we blame them once they see how much fun the other kids are having!

Think about food for adults: Depending on the age of the children, parents may wish to stay at the party. Ensure there’s food (even just easy snacks) and water offered.

Don’t sweat the small details: Kids are so happy to just be there and have fun with their friends (and new friends). Make sure you enjoy yourself too.

Rainbow Kids Parties entertainers offer colour hair spray fun (above), balloons, games, dancing and prizes.


Jordan shares what’s popular in party themes.


“These are a big hit with all ages and genders. We love superhero parties for the fact that kids get the chance to be their favourite superhero for the day. Spiderman is always the top pick for kids and he is almost fully booked every weekend.”


”Unicorns seem to be so popular now. Little girls love adding the addition of a unicorn fairy to their party theme. The parties are bright and colourful and bring so much cheer to a party. It also goes with the rainbow colours, which we love!”


“Disney’s Frozen movie is still huge. Elsa is our number one female character choice. We also offer Elsa’s sister Anna, but Elsa always seems to be most popular. We love how the children know every word to many of the movie soundtrack and sing along with their “princess”. They also know everything about Elsa and all her ice power moves, which they’re keen
to share. Belle from Beauty and The Beast is also a great choice (shown in pictures) as is Ariel the mermaid.


“We have found this to be so much fun with boys and girls. It gets the kids learning to cook, as well as learning new skills. They love wearing a chef’s hat
and apron! To ensure that all children interact, we allow a bit of safe, free-reign time for cooking and experimentation. It’s also a wonderful addition for parents and caregivers, as the kids can create their own lunches at parties.”


“The pamper or spa theme is really popular with girls aged 6-18. These party settings are a lot more relaxed and cozy, and give the friends a chance to get glam and be pampered – and feel so grown up!”

Cupcake toppers from Amazon and the two-tiered princess cake from Jenna Marie Cakery.


If you’re buying or making a cake, Jenna from Jenna Marie Cakery has these hints:

  • Consider whether you’ll serve cake to guests as a dessert or just a sweet treat. This will help you decide how big you need the cake to be
  • Will you have enough for any adults who may want a slice?
  • Do any guests have food allergies that need to be catered to?
  • Does it need to be a cake or could it be another party cake idea such as cupcakes, cakepops or cookies?

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