Watermelon ice blocks

For me, freezing watermelons tickles more sweetness out of them. If you freeze this mixture in a larger container, you’ll quickly have a wonderful sorbet as a palate cleanser or dessert.


  • 1 small seedless watermelon
  • 6–8 ice-block (popsicle/ice lolly) moulds or plastic cups
  • 6–8 wooden ice block (popsicle/ice lolly) sticks


Halve the watermelon and very thinly shave 6–8 slices from one half. Using a spoon, scrape the remaining melon flesh from the rind and purée in a blender. Place a watermelon slice in each ice-block mould and pour the purée over the top. Place the moulds in the freezer.  When the purée is half frozen, insert the sticks. Freeze overnight.

Dip the moulds briefly in warm water before removing the ice blocks.

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