Clever tricks to get kids to clean their teeth

We asked our Facebook community how they got their kids to brush their teeth properly and regularly. Although continuous nagging and scare tactics can work for a while (so put away the images of rotten teeth, and give grandpa back his dentures), we are impressed with the clever ideas parents have. Here are a few solutions to the twice-a-day trial.

1. Coming in at first place was the ?Brush Teeth with the Wiggles’ app and the ?Macleans Brush Time‘ app. Free and easy to download, these apps time for two minutes with kids songs, and Macleans even has activities and points to win. Perfect for competitive little monsters and those that like to sing.

2. If you want to get the kiddies off the smart phones and devices, try a timer. Not just any timer, but a goo (or ooze) timer!. Your kids can watch the colourful, lava like goo run out with a toothbrush in hand.

3. A little white lie never hurt nobody right? Telling your kids that the tooth fairy only takes shiny pristine clean teeth was another clever strategy suggested by a parent. Sadly, this one has an expiration date. However, it does work wonders for getting them to a dentist similar to Wytes ( or a dental practice in your local neighborhood.

4. Standing there and brushing with them is one classic tehnique. This means they can copy your brushing style, and have an automatic timer in you. Monkey see, monkey do, right!

5. Another creative response included making the tri-monthly toothbrush change an epic event. Change the colour, or even the picture on the toothbrush (you can purchase Dora and Minion toothbrushes from your supermarket), to keep things interesting and hygenic.

5 must have products to help with toothbrushing fun

Electric toothbrushes

Make the mundane chore of brushing teeth fun with their favourite character on the side of an electric toothbrush from movies such as Frozen or Star Wars.


Why get ordinary toothpaste when you can get Dora and Minion themed tubes? These two mild bubble fruit toothpastes are sweet, but still great for hygiene.

Liquid timer

Goo timers, ooze timers, and now liquid timers! Kids love goopy, messy stuff, and these timers are perfect for satisfying that need as well as making sure those teeth are cleaned.

Minion toothbrush holder

Mount a minion on your bathroom wall, and watch as he dispenses toothpaste through his mouth! Every morning and every night your child can put their toothbrush into the hands of a minion for safe keeping.

Fancy eco-toothbrushing (fun for the slightly older ones)

By signing up to this site, you get a fresh new toothbrush delivered to your house every month in a different colour. The fibres of these brushes are super soft so that your pre-tween age kids don’t damage their gums or wear down their teeth. FreshBrush puts health first: both of the environment and of your mouth.

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