Create your own: Sun Plaque

This sun plaque craft is a great summer craft activity that will brighten any wall in the house. Simple yet effective, this is a craft that children of all ages and abilities can do. You could leave as is, or you could use craft paint to colour the clay.

How to make a clay sun plaque:

You will need:

  • Clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Round cutter
  • Grasses, toi toi, flax, seeds, acorns
  • Paintbrush or pencil
  • Ribbon


Step 1.

Roll out a piece of clay until it measures about 1⁄2in (10mm) thick. Use a pastry cutter or a glass to press out a circle.

Step 2.

Press seeds, the tops of acorns, or bits of grass into the circle to make the eyes, mouth, nose, and cheeks

Step 3.

Trim the grass stalks to similar lengths then push the stalks in all around the outer edge of the circle to make the sun’s rays. Use shorter stalks to fill the gaps.

Step 4.

Poke the end of a paintbrush or pencil through the top of the plaque to make a hanging hole, then leave the plaque to dry. When the clay is dry you can thread a ribbon through to hang your plaque.

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