10 fun and unique slumber party ideas!

kids having fun at a slumber party

Slumber parties don’t have to all be about the sleep and movies. Put down the remote and put on your fun hat! Check out some of our best slumber party ideas that the kids will love.

1. Set up a “Punch PiNata”

This is an awesome, team-friendly alternative to the accident-heavy lolly scramble, or the pinata. Cut the back off a large empty box, trace circles into even rows, and cut the circles out. After painting the box, glue different coloured squares of tissue paper over the holes. Centre the pinata treats or prizes on top of the holes, and glue plastic cups over to contain them. Use command strips to hold the pinata up, or get a friend to help you hold it. Get the kids to punch through a hole each, and grab a prize!

2. Messy Twister

Hustle the kids out of the house and into the garden to make a mess with this slippery twist on the game Twister. Lay the Twister mat on the grass, and put blobs of coloured foam on top of the big spots for a slippery twist. We love this recipe: https://www.simplefunforkids.com/how-to-make-colorful-soap-foam.html/. Are the kids getting restless while waiting in line? Pop the sprinkler on to make the time splash by!

3. Musical Manicures

This is a fun way for the kids to play makeovers, and to leave the party with a cool souvenir on their nails! Head to your local discount store and grab a range of coloured nail polishes, one for each guest. Depending where you go, these can be no more than $3 each. To play, each child selects a colour and takes a place at the table. Just like musical chairs, when the music begins, guests pass the polish around the circle. When the tune stops, each guest polishes one nail with the colour they are holding. Keep going until all nails are painted – and then admire your handiwork!

4. Crepe Paper Maze

Things getting too hyped in the fun-house? A crepe paper maze is the perfect way to slow the mood down, encouraging the kids to be slow and careful. Stick strings of crepe paper from wall to wall in your hallway to make a trip-wire maze that the kids have to carefully navigate to get to the other side. Too easy? Give the kids a challenge by making them all hold hands and attempt to get through the maze in a long line!

5. Personalised Pillow Cases

Head down to Kmart and grab some cheap pillowcases, glitter glue and pens made specifically for fabric, and let the kids’ creativity run wild as they make their own pillowcases. As a bonus, buy some satin ribbon and fabric glue to let them add a sophisticated embellishment to their pillows!

6. Indoor Fort Village

Break out the chairs, sheets and pillows! Making an indoor fort village is the perfect way for the kids to work together as a team to build their sleeping quarters. Scared of the dark? Wind through battery powered fairy lights for an ethereal glow. They’ll forget they’re even in a house!

7. Photo Booth

Bust out those crazy hats and giant sunnies and make some memories! Hang a coloured sheet or sparkly material on the wall, and get the kids to strike a pose in front with a range of props from your local $2 shop. With an adult manning a polaroid camera, the kids can print out an instant souvenir to take home with them. If you haven’t got a polaroid camera, wait till the kids have gone to sleep to print them out and pop them into a cute card to keep!

8. Scavenger Bingo

Send the kids on a mission to find items either around the house or backyard to fill out their bingo cards. Clues could range from vague, such as “something red” to super specific requests such as “half a green lemon” . For older kids with phones, get them to take a selfie with the object!

9. Balloon Agenda Schedule

To stick to a party schedule, put a piece of paper with the next activity written on it into a balloon, and blow it up. Write a time on the balloon with a permanent marker, for example, 7pm, and when the time comes, get one of the kids to burst the balloon and reveal the next task! This is an awesome way of building anticipation, and also a cheeky countdown to bedtime!

10. Make your own necklace

If the kids are old enough, help them create their own rainbow necklaces with lots of different beads. Available at most discount stores, beads are as cheap as chips, and the kids will love showing off their creation to their parents when they return home the next day! Not keen on a necklace? How about a friendship bracelet! Get beaded letters of the alphabet and let them solidify their bonds with matching bracelets. Too cute!

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