11 BIG FUN At Home Birthday Party Ideas

home birthday party

Birthday parties with big fun factor don’t need to be high in cost or hard to organise. Your home can be the perfect location for your kid’s big day. We have 11 ideas to help you create the best at home birthday party.

1. Water party 

If your child’s birthday falls in the summer months, a water party is the perfect way for them to cool off with their friends. There are so many ways to get the party guests wet and laughing. Get your sprinklers out of the garage and pop them on the lawn, the kids will love running through them. Water guns and water balloons provide the best soaking methods for a water fight. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, then we have the perfect recipe for water sponges: all you need is kitchen sponges, string, scissors and a ruler. A waterslide is also sure to get the excitement levels up and can be placed on your lawn too. If you have a swimming pool, these ideas will complete the ultimate pool party. Get the sunscreen and hats ready, this will be a goodie.

home birthday party


2. Amazing Race birthday party

For kids, nothing beats the joy of finding treasures in a race against their friends. Set it up at your house (or head down to your local park if you want more space). Just like the popular ‘Amazing Race’ telly programme, write up and print out clues to give to each team, and hide the next clues in envelopes ready for them to find. If you want to go all-out, search up the rules of the show and follow them as closely as possible. There are other themes you can go with for this party idea, like pirate maps and treasure at the end. The kids will love challenging each other and racing to be first.

home birthday party

3. Garden party 

A garden party can be host to the ultimate picnic. Make up sandwiches, juice and sweets for your child and their friends to enjoy eating outdoors. Vibrant blankets and pillows for them to sit on can make it even more magical. Encourage their sense of adventure and curiosity with a treasure hunt around the garden for lollies or even little gems, anything sparkly will be great. They can get creative by painting stones to decorate the garden or making daisy chains.

home birthday party

4. Backyard camping Birthday party

Give your kids the full camping experience, except within close range and under your watchful eye, and it’s a win-win for everyone. Get them to help set up the tents, fill them with blankets and pillows to ensure they will be cosy during the night. Let them explore with torches and even supervise a game of spotlight once it gets dark. A barbecue for dinner will add to the experience, you can even buy little disposable barbecues safe enough for the older kids to help with the cooking. Even if you just have an outdoor fire, this will add to the outdoorsy atmosphere. Glow-in-the-dark sticks will also provide entertainment. If the weather doesn’t cooperate just move them indoors, it’s sure to be just as fun.

home birthday party

5. Movie party

Movies have long been known as a great way to keep the little ones quiet for an hour or two. Rent out their favourite movies or find them on Netflix, get the popcorn popping and the ultimate indoor movie party will commence. Serve the popcorn in the classic red and white striped boxes, print out tickets to give the guests upon arrival and have straws ready for the drinks. For added fun, you can make a fort in the lounge by hanging sheets over chairs, stringing fairy lights on top for extra magic and filling it with all the comfy pillows and blankets you can find.

at home movie theatre

6. DIY craft party

Have a budding artist on your hands? An arts and crafts party (see our Little Picasso party) is great for getting their creative ideas flowing. Everything you don’t already have can be picked up from the local crafts or dollar store. Grab some glue sticks, coloured card, feathers, paint, glitter and more. Depending on your little one’s favourite topic of the moment, have everyone paint a fairy house, make their own necklace or mould the best dinosaur out of playdough. One of our favourite creations is using an old egg carton to make a caterpillar. Just let the kids paint it in the colours they want and add some googly eyes and pipe cleaners for antlers.


7. Sports party

If you have a large lawn and a sports-mad child, then this is the party to be had. All you need is to narrow down what games they want to play, whether it be soccer, netball, touch, baseball, tag, cricket or rugby and get the equipment needed (usually just a ball will do the trick!). Get yourself a whistle or put Dad on umpire duty and watch them play and cooperate all afternoon. You can get creative by hanging up an old tarp or sheet between some trees, cutting a hole in the middle, and seeing who can throw the ball through the hole first. You can also get creative in the snacks you serve: a soccer ball cake, basketball cookies or sports-decorated straws to drink from.

8. Dance party

Dance parties are sure to send everyone home in the best spirits after jamming out to their favourite music. Upon entry, have a VIP lanyard pass ready for the guests to put around their neck to make them feel extra special. Classic games to play include musical chairs, limbo and musical statues. You can even have a dance off with prizes, let the kids make their own playlist of songs they love listening to or make it glow-in-the-dark. Get glow sticks, paint and hair spray to make it even more epic. If you want to go old school, you could rent a jukebox which is awesome fun for both parents and kids.

9. Dress up party

Dressing up has to be one of the best things about childhood. Have a party at yours where all the traditional games are played, but have everyone dress up as their favourite character or set the theme yourself. You’ll have princesses and princes, pirates, animals and all sorts turn up. You can even set up a stall of hats, feather boas, masks, wings, crowns and glasses for the kids to choose from once they arrive. Games can include ring toss, pin the tail on the donkey (or unicorn, horse, dog … whatever takes your child’s fancy), a piñata, and more.

10. Fairy party 

Fairy parties are so magical and will have the jaws dropping of both parents and party guests when they see you’ve transformed your house into an enchanted fairy forest. Check out our all-time favourite fairy party guide.

themed party

11. Hire an Entertainer

Hiring an entertainer for an at home birthday party is sure to hold the attention of all gazing eyes. You could get a magician, bubble man, fairy, pirate, balloon twister and more. An entertainer can educate your kids and offer them an afternoon of delight, make their dreams come true when their favourite character turns up to celebrate them. You might find someone in your hood from our parties guide, take a look.

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