Toilet Trouble: A flushingly fun game

Kids + toilet humour + game = good clean fun, in this case. Toilet Trouble is a simple new game that will have your kids laughing so hard, they might need the actual toilet.

What is it: Toilet Trouble is a hilarious game for kids (ages 4+) and families. Which flush will cause the gush? Share some hilarious and suspense-filled moments as players take turns spinning the toilet paper roll, flushing the toilet handle, and hoping they don’t get sprayed with water! Who knows which flush will be the one that sprays water, eliminating that player?

How it works: Fill the toilet with tap water up to the line. Starting with the person who went to the toilet last (believe us, kids will have no problem admitting this), players take turns spinning the toilet paper roll, which will land on a random number of flushes. Flush the handle and hope you don’t get sprayed. If you do end up with a wet face, you’re out!

What we love: The toilet flushing sound effects will make kids giggle even before anyone gets spritzed with water. And when that happens, well, just wait for the screams from each kid… And parent. (Screams of laughter, that is!) The “spray” isn’t very strong, but it is surprising when it happens. And when you’re not playing, well, be prepared for the kids to use the game as a play toilet for their dolls and stuffed toys. We warned you. They’ll love it.

Our editor says: This game is so simple, it’s amazing no one has thought of it before. Given that all kids love toilet humour and this gives them license to indulge in toilet talk, it’s definitely a winner with kids. We played this game on a rainy Friday night, and our first task was to “prime” the toilet: Flushing the handle until it started spraying. Well, we flushed for about five minutes, thinking something was wrong… Until Daddy got sprayed in the face, sending Master Five and Miss 11 into gales of laughter. And then it was all on. Turn-taking is very quick, as you just spin, flush, and hope you don’t get spritzed. If you do get sprayed, you’re out, but our kids didn’t seem to care about this. They just wanted to keep playing! It kept them entertained for half an hour, and the only reason they had to stop is because it was bedtime. The only down side is that once the toilet is set up, you can’t disassemble it, so it does take up a wee bit of space in the games cupboard. But it never made it on to the shelf in our house, because the kids then wanted to use it for their dolls and toys… So maybe storage isn’t such an issue.

Things to remember:

  • Ages 4+
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries
  • Read all instructions thoroughly before playing
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